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An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern World

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I began my study of Gog and Magog more than fifteen years ago in the early 90’s while resident in New York. My subsequent public lectures on the subject never failed to provoke keen interest from my Muslim audiences in several parts of the world. The evidence and arguments presented in the chapter on Gog and Magog in my book, ‘Jerusalem in the Qur’an’, succeeded in convincing many who read the book that we now live in a world dominated by Gog and Magog.

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Sheikh Imran Hosein An Islamic View of Gog and Magog in the Modern World Pt 1 (1:15:32)
  • Sheikh Imran H...
    Sheikh Imran Hosein has traveled continuously and extensively ...

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  1. 5LIARdxzC9

    Posted by Alex on 12th Jul 2013

    Tony...my friend and I were genrezieg up the icy Green trail when you and your cohorts blew by us, then encountered you again on your descent when you exchanged greetings with a buddy ("Shouldn't be runing today..."), which is where I learned your name and deal. I was fairly dressed for the day, inc. microspikes and windblock jacket, but you guys seem to shun foot traction or hypothermia protection. Is it youth and peak fitness (I'm 70 and a year round chronic trail /back country mountain rat) that makes you impervious to the elements and missteps? I like your Lieh Tzu quote. I'm a Taoist trekker. Best of luck in your cruising!

  2. NQuECwT8wqk1

    Posted by Amber on 12th Jul 2013

    As promised, one deep-geeking list of names conimg up! I think my favorite, most Gargoyle sounding name so far is Mawveth from the word Maveth (maw'-veth) meaning: a death-like shadow, deep shadow, black gloom. God of the Water and Death . I like maw do to the way Gargoyles often have open, grimacing mouths or spit water from them. And I also like Sawlal from the word Tsalal (tsaw-lal') meaning: fear, terror. The idea of vibration; to tinkle, i.e. rattle together (as the teeth in chattering with fear): quiver, tingle. So, by pairing Maveth and Tsalal I got the water aspect of the origin of the Gargoyle, as well as the teeth chattering fear of those they are chasing away, not to mention the shadowy darkness that seem inseparably paired with them. Hopefully by changing the spelling they'll sound closer to how they're pronounced and more like a matching set of names.Mawveth and Sawlal (or Mawveth and Tsawlal)Gimcrack and Gewgaw (entering another set of shelf-sitter names)Jem an Eye (or Gem and Eye)Habeas & CorpusNighton and DaytonCrag and TailVexatious and IrksomeHigh and Dry (in reference to the rooftop and spout)High and Mighty (if they sit on top of a tall bookcase)Few and Far Between (on opposite ends of a bookcase)Hither and Yon (on one side of the shelf and the other)Grimace and Yawn (I just think it's funny! but that's me)Terrah and Harrah (terror and horror in a NY accent)Ebb and Flow (would these work for Untowards as well?)Fred: I noticed an overlapping of Untowards names as I was thinking of your nameless Gargoyles, and as you see, I used a couple of them above. Not in every case of course, but I found that certain pairs of names were interchangeable for the different sets of twins. For example, I think Steeple and Chase also work for Gargoyles because they sometimes sit on top of a church and they chase away the bad things that creep up in the night. Fire and Flood could work too because of the Gargoyle connection to dragons and fountains. Anyway, I made this list of a few possible Untowards names just for fun, most are too silly for an Untoward I know, but I couldn't help myself. I hope there aren't any here you've already used, my copy of Dragonfly is still packed or I would look it up (are there still rumors of sequel?) By the way, I absolutely loved “Attic and Cuss” and can imagine them high up in an attic and speaking cuss fluently.I know this is not an Untoward naming but I had to throw some in:Rise and FallToss and TurnRough and ReadyAches and PainsClick and ClackHill and DaleFootloose and Fancyfree

  3. NoDnth4UxnXR

    Posted by Jared on 12th Jul 2013

    This recent prlobem really got set off with what happened in Tunisia, but there were some prlobems in Morocco before that as well. I suspect that it is going to get worse and worse, spreading throughout the entire Arab world. The prlobem is bigger yet though. I believe that the seeds of war are being scattered all around the world and are going to begin to ignite all around. Israel however, is the center of everything really when it comes to Biblical end-time theology. Don't let it get to you when people don't want to hear what you have to say. This is very common, especially here in America. I've run into that for years. In my case, that is one of the things that God has had me keep warning people about. The thing that is more important yet is the fact that God is calling His people run to Him today. He will take care of His own, but way too many don't even think they need anything from God. It's sad. But Claudia, remember that God doesn't expect you to turn a person's thinking process. He just expects us to be faithful in spreading the message that God gives us to share. It's not popular though, that's for sure.Many more posts coming. I have a couple or three crucial ones in the next few days, maybe one tomorrow if I can get it done. I'm not sure. It takes quite a lot of research with some subjects. Thanks for reading, and commenting!

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